Set of 3 Tea-Infused Bath Bombs

Set of 3 Tea-Infused Bath Bombs


Our bath bombs gift sets are absolutely amazing and soothing. 

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Our bath bombs are absolutely amazing, soothing yet calming. Made with soothing organic coconut oil that wraps your skin in silkiness, other ingredients that are beneficial to your skin, and pure essential oils to infuse your senses to whisk you to a beach far away. Bombs range from 2-2.5 oz each. 

Sodium bicarbonate (you may know as Pure Baking Soda and it's all natural, non-toxic, free of harsh chemicals and gentle on skin), Pure non-GMO Citric Acid (it's used in wine!), Magnesium Sulfate (relaxing Pure Epsom Salts), Corn Starch, Organic Coconut Oil (cold pressed, unrefined and chemical-free), organic essential oils.

Our bath bombs do not stain your bathtub. However, It is recommended to wipe the bathtub down directly after your bath. Use caution, due to the oils - your tub may be just a bit slippery. 

Your bath bomb will come wrapped airtight. We recommend using it within 9 months of purchase and to keep it wrapped until use. The air can eventually cause your bomb to lose its fizz.