If you're new to the world of loose leaf tea, unsure of how to brew it, what tools to use, or how to become better at brewing tea, we are here to help. 

Accessories and Tools

  • Loose Leaf Tea
  • Infuser, brewing basket, strainer
  • Kettle or other method of boiling water
  • Thermometer

Filtered or fresh water

There's various opinions out there on water when it comes to brewing tea. Many proclaim that tap water will do the job just fine, whereas others state to use filtered water. We recommend filtered water, but understand that this may not be an option. If you use tap water, we recommend you check with your water provider to know if your water is chlorine and chemical-free. Do try to experiment with both to see which results taste better to you. 

Tea kettles

A tea kettle is a roughly pitcher-shaped metal vessel used to heat water on a stovetop or other means of heat. Kettles can range form all kinds of makes and models. From electric kettles that tell you the temperature of your water, to a standard stove top model. Both types of kettles can be used. With a standard kettle you may need to use a thermometer to check the temperature of the water. This is because some delicate teas need water heated at a lower temperature whereas less delicate teas can be heated with water at a higher temperature. 

Tea infuser

A tea infuser is a tool used to brew loose leaf tea. They can be found in all sorts of shapes now, but usually a ball or egg shaped container that has small holes or mesh coverings to help keep tea leaves inside. They allow for the leaves to expand and the flavor to be released into your cup, while preventing the leaves from escaping. To use, place your loose leaf tea leaves inside the infuser. Then place the tea infuser into your cup, kettle, or teapot filled with hot water to brew and steep. When the appropriate amount of time has passed, remove your tea infuser. Basically, an infuser works the exact same way as a tea bag. 

Tea strainer

An alternative to using tea infusers is a tea strainer. A tea strainer is a tool made from fine mesh and is placed over your cup. It's used to catch the tea leaves from falling into your cup as you're pouring your tea. They are useful for when you like to brew tea directly inside your kettle or pot. 

teapot infuser

A teapot infuser is an infuser is a teapot built to fit inside your teapot. REMEMBER: You cannot place a teapot on an open heat source, like you can a kettle. To use a teapot, first heat water in a separate pot or kettle to the desired temperature. Once at this temperature, then you pour that water into your teapot. Place your loose leaf tea inside the infuser basket that sits inside the teapot. Now you are ready to brew and step your tea. Teapot infusers are great if you want to brew more than one cup of tea at one time.