We are always looking for brand partners

If you’ve got an audience looking for natural, healthy organic tea or natural tea-infused bath products, then Beach House Teas' products make great blog posts and social media posts.

Our products are 100% natural and relatively unknown in mass markets, so they’re exciting for people to learn and talk about. If your readers would enjoy hearing from you about Beach House Teas, we’re happy to support your blog.

Beach House Teas isn’t a one-size-fits-all company, so we’ll ask about your blog and social media following, of course, but also a little bit about you. You’ll get the most out of the relationship if you’re a Beach House Teas kind of person–someone who believes nature has it right, whose readers appreciate you because you’re real. We’ll try to understand your blog and not make you do things like everyone else, because you’re probably not like everyone else.

Product reviews

It might make sense for us to send you an assortment of Beach House Teas products we call our “Tea Box.” The idea is for you to use the products and review them for your readers. Some bloggers get the box done in one huge writeup, others take it a product at a time and get a handful of posts out of the Tea Box. The Tea Box can contain samples of our artisan loose leaf teas, accessories, tea-infused bath products or herb-infused sugars. 

The Tea Box is free–but it doesn’t make sense for every one.

Product giveaways

Often done in conjunction with a product review, this is pretty straightforward. If you would like to explore this opportunity, just check the box on the application form below. 

Discounts for your readers

Whether your blog or social media accounts hvve 100 or 100,000 followers, we can create a coupon code for your site. See perks below for more information. 

Perks of Becoming a Beach House Teas Brand Partner:

  • A free "Tea Box" for agreed-upon purposes - reviews, blog posts, social media posts, word of mouth, etc
  • 50% off personal discount, valid on any product on our website for the duration of your contract.

  • 20% discount code to share with family, friends and followers for the duration of your contract.

  • Point system for free product. $1 sold through the 20% discount code = 1 point. 250 points = $25. There is no limit to how much free product brand partners can accrue while under contract.

Beach House Teas' Brand Partner Program Requirements:

  • Reach your current audiences with our tea and other products.
  • Present our tea to your customers/followers at select events and locations if applicable.
  • Submit 2 posts or other pre-determined marketing message on your social marketing channels per month of your contract.
  • Leverage any current marketing or social channels to tell our story to your audiences, introducing our brand to previously unaware tea lovers.
  • Submit a short bio about yourself, your endeavors, your passion and how Beach House Teas will help fulfill your goals, along with any supporting documents (can be emailed separately) you feel fit to submit for our review to approve you as our brand partner.
  • Brand partnership is a contract for three months. 

Fine print: We have three (3) slots available for the 3 month contract term. Terms run January 1 through March 31. April 1 through June 30. July 1 through September 30. October 1 through December 31. Applicants will be chosen based on our discretion. Open to United States residents only.

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