Take a break from coffee

herbal coffee

Looking for alternatives for a healthier morning habit or a warm and toasty drink that won't keep you up all night? Herbal coffees might just be the substitute you are looking for.


Iced Coffee

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Caffeine can over-stimulate the adrenals, which can lead to further fatiguing when the caffeine wears off.  If you are experiencing low energy levels, you might find yourself getting through the day by kicking your adrenals with coffee or beverages containing caffeine (or even with sweets or chocolate).  This can make you feel better temporarily but in the long run you are at risk for exhausting your adrenals even more, leading them down a even worse path.  Even if you don’t have an adrenal or caffeine issue it is usually recommend taking occasional breaks from coffee to give your body time off.

Coffee is made from a seed (not a legume, but the pit of the coffee fruit). Right away this should put us on the alert since seeds tend to contain protective compounds to prevent digestion and thereby ensure the survival of the plant species.

Coffee does have some studies supporting its health benefits but when you have adrenal issues or your body doesn’t tolerate caffeine for some other reason, these benefits go out the window.  Herbs and spices can have just as many (if not more) health supportive benefits.

Enjoy these deep and invigorating coffee alternatives that are roasted to perfection. Our herbal coffees are a shockingly good brew and has a remarkable similarity to coffee thus making it the ideal alternative to coffee drinkers who are attempting to limit their intake of this highly caffeinated beverage. 

We know that one herbal coffee just won't do, so we are releasing five blends to tempt your senses. Beach Brew is your straight up cup of Joe. Cafe à la Beach is a sweet romantic blend of vanilla and maple. Rainier Rebel is for all those that have a sweet-tooth for caramel. Tinkerville 1881 kicks it up a notch with warming spices and finally Pacific Bay Bold is for all the chocolate lovers.

Crindalyn Lyster